Trexle Wins Rising Star 2018 Award and Great User Experience 2018 Award from FinancesOnline

After conducting an extensive review, the experts from B2B software directory FinancesOnline found Trexle user-friendly and efficient in facilitating online payments. Because of this, they have awarded us their prestigious Rising Star and Great User Experience distinctions.

The Rising Star award for best payment gateway alternatives is given to software solutions that have garnered highly positive feedback from clients due to its throng of functionalities that enable users to easily solve their problems. On the other hand, the Great User Experience award is given to solutions that offer an especially pleasant user experience through well-designed features and an intuitive interface.

In their review, FinancesOnline discussed why Trexle is deserving of both awards, stating that users will “never miss any sale opportunity with its multiple payment gateway setups” because they can easily switch to another gateway. This is made possible with Trexle’s vast list of widely used payment gateways. “Trexle offers over 100 integrations with the world’s widely used payment gateways, including Stripe, Braintree, PayPayl, and WordPay, making it also easy for their customers to settle payments from their end,” wrote FinancesOnline.


Our platform also managed to land a spot in the software directory’s esteemed list of payment gateways. This can be attributed to Trexle’s design in ensuring customers have the utmost security technology while maintaining ease of use and convenience. “Trexle adheres to the highest data security standards to ensure that user data and other sensitive information are stored in a secure digital vault,” stated FinancesOnline. “That said, users can reuse their customer’s data against the same or another payment gateway, without requiring customers to re-enter their information.”


Trexle is honored to have received these merits and prestigious awards from FinancesOnline. With this, we will ensure that our product remains a gold-standard in payment gateway integrations.