Vault real credit card data on Trexle payment gateways

Reuse them using Tokens against multiple payment gateways for future payments

Credit card vaulting means storing sensitive real credit card data on secure PCI compliance servers, while storing their respective tokens on merchants back-end for future usage.

Trexle securely vault sensitive real credit card details on payment gateways servers

While Tokenizing credit card data is important for the customers credit card security. It is also important for the merchant to be able to recharge the customer credit card for future payments, upsells or addons.


Each customer is presented on the merchant e-commerce platform as a token, each customer credit card data or payment method is stored on merchant e-commerce platform as another token.


The merchant then has total control over his business, and processing needs without worrying about storing sensitive credit card data, breaking PCI compliance rules, or losing such data and not being able to process future sales.

So what happens if a Trexle customer has decided to activate another payment gateway for his site, that is switching into another gateway temporarily or even permanently?

Simple.. Trexle will automatically vault the merchant existing customers real credit card data — as you go — into the new payment gateway. The customers and credit card tokens on the merchant site remain unchanged, while the real credit card data is vaulted on the payment gateway servers.