Increase your payment success with Trexle’s integrated subscription management system

Reduce payment failure

For businesses with regular subscription payments, an error with your primary payment gateway can result in significant losses in revenue. Trexle makes this simple. The checkout the most important stage of customer onboarding for any business, so problems or delays here can cause potential customers to lose confidence.

By integrating over 100 payment gateways, if there is a problem at checkout with your primary payment gateway due to on outage, refusal from the bank or an error, you can easily switch to another gateway with Trexle.

Tokenization Simplicity

Central to Trexle’s subscription management platform is its tokenized credit card payment vault. Storing customer credit card data is a high-risk and regulated process. Tokenizing your customer’s data with Trexle mean, rather than keeping card information on your servers, you store tokens instead. This helps protect your business from cybersecurity threats and helps cut the costs and labour that come with compliancy regulations.

Reduce Liability

Subscription-based businesses will usually need to store more customer credit card data than other single-purchase companies to process repeat payments. By storing this tokenized data with Trexle rather than your own servers, you greatly reduce the risk of customer credit card data being accessed by anyone that it shouldn’t be accessed by.

Streamlined Compliance

When storing sensitive customer data in your own servers, you are subject to PCI DSS compliancy procedures. With this being a detailed and lengthy process, storing PCI compliant data requires dedicated personnel. For many businesses, this is not realistic. Through tokenized data, subscription management platforms, such as Trexle, Makes the compliance requirements easier to manage.

Lower monthly costs

The most popular payment gateways offer lower interchange rates to businesses that take regular payments. This is because by storing card data and sending bills directly to them, they don’t have to confirm and process the same details repeatedly. When storing this data manually, however, many businesses miss out in these lower fees. Trexle is integrated with over 100 payment processors to ensure that all regular payments are flagged for this lower rate to save merchants unnecessary costs.


Integrate with the most popular CMS platforms

Trexle’s subscription management software can be integrated with a wide variety of CMS platforms. After signing up, simply select which payment provider that you wish to use and integrate the Trexle plugin in to your website, then add the API key. Trexle will then act as a normal payment processor would, communicating with your CMS platform and then relaying tokenized data to your payment gateways.

Easy data movement

Prior to the creation of tokenized data in 2005, businesses had no choice but to either go through the time and cost-intensive process of storing card data themselves or committing to one payment gateway provider. For those businesses that were unable to afford the cost of compliant data storage, storing payment data with a single payment processor was the only viable option. This, however, made transferring data to another payment gateway incredibly difficult. With tokenized data storage, your credit card data can be moved between payment gateways without any delay.

Save Customer Time

As a subscription-based business, customers may cancel and re-join, or even change payment plans on a regular basis. By storing their credit card information with Trexle’s SaaS subscription management API, this data can be called upon from the customer’s account whenever required so that they are not required to re-enter their card details each time. Like any simplified process, this flexibility of payment-based decisions can improve revenue by making the process easier for customers.

Getting Started

To get started using Trexle’s intelligent subscription management software, sign up with a free trial account for an unlimited period of time or select a plan from our pricing page. Both our Enterprise Plan and Business Plan allow for unlimited transactions, credit card data storage and access to all available payment gateways. Trexle’s Business Plan, however, covers two e-commerce platforms, while the Enterprise Plan can be used across unlimited CMS platforms. Pay monthly option coming soon.