Secure your website payments using tokens

Your customers credit card data never touch your servers

Give your website visitors the security they need while paying using our tokenization technology. The cards are stored in one-way encryption method, and your customers credit card data never touch your servers.

Our latest tokenizations technology create a seamless shopping experience for your clients

We at Trexle take security very seriously. That is why our systems have state-of-the-art global security standards the ensure your customers have simple and secure transactions.

A customer visits an ecommerce site with the sole intention of completing a payment successfully and securely. S/He puts credit card payments details on the merchant site checkout page and proceed with payment. Credit card data gets tokenized into the customers browser using our Trexle JS library. The merchant receives the token, our servers receive and vault the real credit card data and forwards them to the payment gateway to process. If approved, the customer gets a thank you page set by the merchant, who gets an order notification, a customer token, a credit card token from which both the merchant can process later for future orders without the need for the customer real credit card data.

Credit cards are still the primary mode of making payments. The volume of online transactions has increased over the years, which has also increased the propensity of cyber crimes. In this situation, it is important to ensure that all vulnerable aspects of payment gateways are safeguarded.

Trexle, being compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), adheres to all the guidelines laid down for payment gateways and is completely safe for all your shopping transactions We also use powerful encryption tools the reduce the risks of data recovery and ensures that the data is one way encrypted and it cannot be accessed.

You can leave all your worries about online payments to us. We have got your back. Your customer’s security is of the utmost priority to us. That’s why we leave no stones unturned to ensure that all your customer’s details are safe.