Spread your payments over multiple payments gateways or just use them as backups. Trexle supports +200 payment gateways to choose from. You will never run out of options for your payment needs.

Whether merchants are preparing for a major launch, or just selling their products and services online, they need more than a single payment gateway for their processing needs. Anything can happen, from a sudden account suspension because of “false positives” like the sudden increase in sales, or just an increase in risk for the payment gateway. 

Trexle makes the switch from one payment gateway to another a matter of clicking a button

Depending on merchants choices and locations, we offer them a wide variety of payment gateways to work with. The majority of our customers are merchants with existing and established payment gateways and merchant accounts, but they still look up for others.

Even if a merchant is just a startup with zero processing history there are a lot of payment gateways that struggle to earn his business. All it takes for merchants is to fill just a registration form and in days or weeks, and sometimes instantly, they will know if they are in or out.

It’s pretty convenient in this case that the merchant secures at least two accounts with reputable processors/gateways. At Trexle we do not discriminate between payment gateways, but we can always vouch ones based on our industry experience. Reasons to go for multiple payment gateways go beyond pre-approval to after-launch.

Trexle Merchants that are migrating from one payment gateway to another would add the new payment gateway in their Trexle dashboard, activate it and accept payments on their sites using that particular gateway without any change of integration, plugins, extensions or any downtime whatsoever.

Problems with the new gateway? No Problem, just activate the first payment gateway you were migrating from or just.. Add a third!

Trexle offers a business subscription that enables merchants to have unlimited payment gateways support.