What is Trexle?

Trexle is a layer that sits between an ecommerce website and the payment gateway company that processes credit card payments, and other payment methods, for that particular ecommerce website. By doing this, we give the ecommerce website more functionalities, like the ability to connect to +100 other payment gateways, to manage subscriptions/recurring billing right from the ecommerce website platform, and even if the payment gateways doesn’t provide this functionality in the first place. By using Trexle on your ecommerce site, or your clients sites, you will become PCI compliant instantly, because the customers sensitive credit card data gets tokenized/encrypted right on their internet browsers and stored into Trexle vault, and such data never touch your site or server, which means complete security for your customers and PCI compliance for your ecommerce site. Trexle mission is to connect every ecommerce platform to any payment gateway without any need to migrate data from one payment gateway to another, or to develop payment extensions for the platform, or even purchase multiple extensions doing the same job. Feel free to think of Trexle as an adapter that connects ecommerce platforms to payment gateways and gives extra features for the merchants while doing this; empowering the e-commerce industry by unifying payment gateways.