My payment gateway is not listed! Help!

The full list of supported payment gateways is listed here. Not EVERY payment gateway is PUBLISHED on our site, however we have a nice compiled list of payment gateways. Even though it is highly unlikely to have a payment gateway not powered by Trexle, there is a slight chance we missed it in our directory of payment gateways. Just because a payment gateway is not listed into our directory it doesn’t mean that the payment gateway is not supported by Trexle core so kindly contact us, and give us more details about your business and we will be adding your payment gateway within days of notifying us.

If you are a payment gateway, and looking forward to work with Trexle to add your payment gateway to our platform, do not hesitate to contact us with your special requirements and your payment gateway details, like supported countries, supported currencies, processing fees, etc.. and we will be adding it withing 30 days of notifying us. A single one lifetime fee of $5,000 will apply.

If you are a developer, and having a payment gateway ruby code, and want to add it to Trexle Core, feel free to open a PR in Our ActiveMerchant github repository (or ActiveMerchant github repository) and we will be applying it instantly after testing. Kindly note we don’t control approval of your PR request submitted to the original activemerchant github repository (which is why we had to fork our branch anyway!), but you are welcomed to send your PR there as well. If your PR got merged there (usually in months, or a year and not guaranteed) your payment gateway will be added instantly since Trexle itself is supported into ActiveMerchant since v1.68. ActiveMerchant is maintained by a great group of elite developers, but they are busy people.

ActiveMerchant gem itself is the core of great products like Shopify and Spreadly and is a main component in Trexle platform itself and many other popular e-commerce products. Submitting your PR guarantee instant placement into our repository after testing and we will be very thankful for the contribution!

Due to integrity and sensitivity nature of data we do not allow public submission of Payment Gateways into our directory but if you want to recommend a payment gateway that is not listed feel free to let us know. We keep adding Payment Gateways to the directory as we are growing it listing every possible integration between e-commerce platforms and payment gateways.