How Trexle Works?

Trexle is powered by Trexle Core; a web commercial API service for ActiveMerchant from Shopify and Spreedly ActiveMerchant  – which is aimed to unifying the payments gateways and credit card payment standards – giving Trexle the power to connect to over 120 payment gateways simultaneously, yet adding more payment gateways to our repository in a timely fashion. Trexle then connects to your e-commerce platform using a single plugin/extension/module you name it and be able through Trexle API keys and your payment gateways API keys to process credit card transactions – whether they were one time fee or recurring payments – making it a breath to connect any e-commerce platform to every payment gateways we support, in a full PCI-Compliance approach without your customers leaving your site while sensitive customers credit card data never touch your site or server or host. Instead of storing such sensitive data on your e-commerce platform, Trexle makes it possible to store “Tokens” that you – the merchant – is able to process charges/refunds/authorizations and subscription payments against, right from your e-commerce platform or using our API platform.