Integrate osCommerce and Wepay

Trexle connects osCommerce to Wepay and 100+ other payment gateways using a single plugin for one time annual fee

Wepay and osCommerce Integration Guide

For WePay integration, you will need the following credentials:  Client ID, Account ID, Client Secret Key and Access Token.

To obtain these credentials log to your WePay account

Click on the API Keys menu item.

All your credentials will be listed on this page.

Take the credentials you just obtained from Wepay and navigate to Trexle dashboard, click Payments Gateways and select Wepay from the drop down menu as shown below.

Fill into your Wepay credential and click Add Gateway. Click the Activate button next to Wepay, and it will give you a success message and the button will turn into green. You should see something like below.

To integrate Wepay and osCommerce you need Trexle API keys

How to install Trexle extension to osCommerce


  1. Log in to your osCommerce admin panel

  1. On the left menu in the Admin panel, click on the ‘Modules’ tab

  1. Under the ‘Modules’ tab, click on the link ‘Payment’ and then on the button ‘Install Module’

  1. Find the ‘Trexle’ extension after clicking on the ‘Install Module’

  1. Click on ‘Trexle’ and then on the ‘Install Module’ button

  1. Trexle plugin should now be successfully installed

To ensure the integration works seamlessly, create a test product, logout from your admin session and perform a checkout as a regular customer.

Here is a video tutorial on both installation and order testing.

  • 4003830171874018: VISA
  • 4111111111111111: VISA
  • 5496198584584769: Mastercard
  • 2223000048400011: Mastercard
  • 2223520043560014: Mastercard
  • 378282246310005: Amex
  • 371449635398431: Amex
  • 6011111111111117: Discover
  • 6011000990139424: Discover
  • 3530111333300000: JCB
  • 3566002020360505: JCB
  • 30569309025904: Diners Club
  • 38520000023237: Diners Club

Wepay Supported Countries

Wepay Supported Payment Processing Actions

✔ Purchase
✔ Authorize
✔ Capture
✔ Void
✔ Credit
✔ Recurring
✔ Card Store

Key Features

Credit Card Vault: securely store your customers sensitive credit card data using tokens.
Instant PCI-DSS Compliance: your customers credit card data never touches your site or server.
Multiple Gateway Support: Connect your osCommerce site to 100+ payment gateway

About Trexle

Trexle is a powerful online recurring subscription billing platform that integrate Wepay and other +100 payment gateways with osCommerce and other dozen of e-commerce platforms.

About Wepay

WePay is an online payment service provider based in the United States that provides an integrated and customizable payment solutions to online merchants, crowdfunding sites, marketplaces and small business software companies. As a part of their services, WePay also offers their partners fraud and risk protection.

About osCommerce

Being in the fintech business for 18 years, osCommerce platform enables merchants to create their very own online store and start selling products and services to customers worldwide. The tools they offer to merchant owners are free, available under Open Source license. osCommerce also has a large community of store owners, developers, and service providers who help each other during the many stages of maintaining an online business.