Integrate Prestashop and Payjunction

Trexle connects Prestashop to Payjunction and 100+ other payment gateways using a single plugin for one time annual fee

Payjunction and Prestashop Integration Guide

For PayJunction Integration, you will need the following credentials: Terminal ID and Unique Application Key

You can find Terminal ID by login to your PayJunction account

At the bottom of the left menu, click on the icon More

Click Users

Select appropriate Admin User

Terminal ID for your merchant account is noted in the far-right column labeled ID.

You will receive Unique Application Key by email, after submitting request on this online form.

After your request has been approved you will receive both a Labs (Testing) Application Key and a Production (Live) Application Key.

Take the credentials you just obtained from Payjunction and navigate to Trexle dashboard, click Payments Gateways and select Payjunction from the drop down menu as shown below.

Fill into your Payjunction credential and click Add Gateway. Click the Activate button next to Payjunction, and it will give you a success message and the button will turn into green. You should see something like below.

To integrate Payjunction and Prestashop you need Trexle API keys

Download the Trexle Prestashop module from Trexle github repository, then navigate into your Prestashop admin dashboard, click Modules/Modules & Services.

Upload Trexle Prestashop payment module/addon zip archive.

Once uploaded, Prestashop will let you know if the module has been installed successfully. Once installed, click configure.

Insert your Trexle API live public and live secrets keys and repeat the same for test keys, then click the save icon as demonstrated below.

Once saved, click Payments in Modules and Services and make sure the module is check marked properly for the Currency, Group, and Country Restrictions. Make a test product, then make a test order to make sure the customers shopping experience is perfect.


  • 4444 3333 2222 1111
  • 4111 1111 1111 1111
  • 4242 4242 4242 4242


  • 5105 1051 0510 5100
  • 5555 5555 5555 4444
  • 2223 0000 4840 0011


  • 3714 496353 98431
  • 3434 343434 34343
  • 3782 822463 10005


  • 6011 1111 1111 1117
  • 6011 0004 0000 0000
  • 6011 0009 9013 9424

Diner Club:

  • 3614 890064 7913
  • 3670 010200 0000
  • 3056 930902 5904


  • 3566 1111 1111 1113
  • 3528 0007 0000 0000
  • 3530 1113 3330 0000

Test Expiration Date: 01/22

Test CCV :  999 [or 9999 if Amex] (If your settings are checking for CCV)

Test Address: 1903 (If your settings are checking for Address)

Zip Code: 93101 (If your settings are checking for Zip Code)

Payjunction Supported Countries

Payjunction Supported Payment Processing Actions

✔ Purchase
✔ Authorize
✔ Capture
✔ Void
✔ Credit
✔ Recurring
✔ Card Store

Key Features

Credit Card Vault: securely store your customers sensitive credit card data using tokens.
Instant PCI-DSS Compliance: your customers credit card data never touches your site or server.
Multiple Gateway Support: Connect your Prestashop site to 100+ payment gateway

About Trexle

Trexle is a powerful online recurring subscription billing platform that integrate Payjunction and other +100 payment gateways with Prestashop and other dozen of e-commerce platforms.

About Payjunction

PayJunction was founded in 2000 with a vision of making payment processing easier, more secure, and more effective. PayJunction provides transaction processing services for tens of thousands of businesses that process in excess of a billion dollars annually.

About Prestashop

PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL). It is written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system. PrestaShop is currently used by 250,000 shops worldwide and is available in 60 different languages.