Integrate Shopware and Ebanx

Trexle connects Shopware to Ebanx and 100+ other payment gateways using a single plugin for one time annual fee

Ebanx and Shopware Integration Guide

For Ebanx Integration, you will need the following credentials: Integration Key and Public integration key.

To obtain these credentials, log to your EBANX Dashboard
Click on your username on the right corner, then navigate to Account Settings > Integration to find your Integration Keys.

Make certain to copy the appropriate keys depending on whether you are using Test or Live environment.

Take the credentials you just obtained from Ebanx and navigate to Trexle dashboard, click Payments Gateways and select Ebanx from the drop down menu as shown below.

Fill into your Ebanx credential and click Add Gateway. Click the Activate button next to Ebanx, and it will give you a success message and the button will turn into green. You should see something like below.

To integrate Ebanx and Shopware you need Trexle API keys

To install Trexle extension to your Shopware installation, login to your Shopware admin panel. Click on the Configuration tab in the upper menu and choose ‘Plugin manager

Plugin Manager offers an access to the Community Store, where you can directly search the Trexle extension.

After locating Trexle extension, you can install it directly from the Plugin Manager.

Another installation method is to download Shopware Trexle extension from Trexle Github respository.

Go to Plugin Manager of your Shopware backend and click on the ‘Installed’ link in the left menu.

Click on the ‘Upload plugin manually’ button, browse to the downloaded trexle file location and click on the ‘Install’ button.

Trexle extension is now successfully installed to your Shopware platform.

To ensure the integration works seamlessly, create a test product, logout from your admin session and perform a checkout as a regular customer.

Card Test Numbers
An easy way to try the EBANX solution with credit card payment

Use the sandbox mode, or test environment, to try and simulate scenarios with different credit cards.

Remember: the numbers below don’t work, you can’t buy things. It’s only for test.

Card Test – Success
First, let’s try numbers of credit cards that have “infinite” funds and will always be authorized. That way, you’ll receive an approved transaction response.

You can use any of the following numbers in the test environment. Just don’t forget to read the tips below:

CVV: use any number with three digits, except American Express which CVV is four digits;
Expiration date (due date): use any period in the future.
American Express


378282246310005 or 371449635398431



5078601870000127985 or 5078601800003247449

Diners Club


30569309025904 or 38520000023237












5555555555554444 or 5105105105105100



4111111111111111 or 4012888888881881

CARNET (For Mexico only)



Card Test – Decline
Now, let’s try another scenario with other numbers, that way you will receive a declined transaction response in the test environment.

They have the same rules as the other cards:

CVV: use any number with three digits, except American Express which CVV is four digits;
Expiration date (due date): use any period in the future.



response: insufficientFunds



response: invalidData



response: cardExpired
American Express



response: notApproved
Debit card test numbers for Mexico
Mexico accepts only debit cards for online international purchases. So if you sell for them, you have to use the following numbers in the sandbox mode (test environment) to make the tests, but pay attention:

For CVV use any number with three digits.
For expiration date (due date), use any time in the future.
It’s essential to use these examples because others will decline.

Remember that they are not real card numbers. So they only serve to make tests.

Mexican debit cards


4242424242424242 (Visa)
4012888888881881 (Visa)
5555555555554444 (Mastercard)
5105105105105100 (Mastercard)

Ebanx Supported Countries

Ebanx Supported Payment Processing Actions

✔ Purchase
✔ Authorize
✔ Capture
✔ Void
✔ Credit
✖ Recurring
✔ Card Store

Key Features

Credit Card Vault: securely store your customers sensitive credit card data using tokens.
Instant PCI-DSS Compliance: your customers credit card data never touches your site or server.
Multiple Gateway Support: Connect your Shopware site to 100+ payment gateway

About Trexle

Trexle is a powerful online recurring subscription billing platform that integrate Ebanx and other +100 payment gateways with Shopware and other dozen of e-commerce platforms.

About Ebanx

EBANX offers complete payment solutions for the markets in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru & Ecuador that will enable your business to expand with the intelligence and efficiency necessary for consistent growth in Latin America. EBANX is well-trusted among our consumer base of over 25M. They practice friendly customer engagement through email reminders & social media outreach, and their customer service team is available 24/7, in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

About Shopware

Shopware is a PHP-based, feature-rich e-commerce platform, established in Germany more than 18 years ago. A leader on the domestic market, Shopware has also found an excellent reception in UK market, where it provides a compelling alternative to a number of renowned e-commerce solutions. It has a vibrant community of developers, implementation partners and 3rd-party service providers, who all contribute to Shopware's rich ecosystem.