Credit Card Vault Service for Recurring Payments

A credit card payment vault is essential to any businesses whose customers are required to make subscription or recurring payments. Using a third party vault like Trexle provides a cost-effective solution for storing customer credit card information.

No payment delays

For businesses that rely on recurring payments, moving card information manually between providers requires contacting customers to provide their data again. For large businesses, this is a time-intensive procedure that can result in significant payment delays. Trexle’s innovative credit card payment vault allows businesses to move their customers’ encrypted card data between multiple payment gateways and services as needed.

Expand into new markets

A standalone credit card payment vault allows fast-growing businesses to expand without complications. Once cards are stored in a single gateway vault, card data can be hard to move or negotiate rates. Trexle connects over 100 payment gateways across over 200 countries, meaning that there are no limits to your business’s reach. Save time that is usually lost building manual custom connections and add or switch payment gateways whenever required.


PCI DSS compliance is vital for any ecommerce business. When customer data is handled in-house, businesses must ensure that it is held within an industry-standard infrastructure for compliance. Becoming PCI DSS certified can be a costly process that requires a significant amount of dedicated maintenance, we recommend investigating to see whether you need to do so for your business. For many businesses Trexle’s tokenised card storage vault means that this is not necessarily required, however, we do recommend reading up on this first.

No checkout failures

Businesses processing large volumes of payments require a payment processing system that is resilient and can cope with volume. When customer credit card data is kept within a single gateway connection rather than a third party, any issue, no matter how small, can result in failed transactions. Over time, this means a significant loss of revenue. Trexle’s credit card payment vault can work seamlessly with integrated payment gateways, reducing the risk of costly checkout failures, allowing you to move between payment gateways with ease

An attractive onboarding process

Having only a single or a small handful of payment systems to choose from can mean that your platform is not as attractive to potential customers. This unnecessary onboarding difficulty can mean that customers opt for an alternative instead that is able to offer a more comprehensive payment solution. Trexle enables payment to be taken from many payment gateways across the world.

With over 100 gateways to choose from in over 50 different countries. Trexle enables you to take payment from customers around the world.

Which CMS platforms and payment gateways are integrated?

Trexle’s standalone credit card payment vault can be integrated with all of the most popular payment gateways and e-commerce platforms. Businesses are able to connect their website to over 100 payment gateways and choose from our extensive range of CMS platforms when they sign up.

Getting Started

Create a free trial account with Trexle for an unlimited period of time or choose from either of our pricing plans. The Enterprise Plan and Business Plan both allow for unlimited transactions, a credit card storage vault and the ability to connect over 100+ payment gateways. Trexle’s Business Plan covers two e-commerce platforms while the Enterprise Plan allows for unlimited e-commerce platforms. Search through our pricing page to see which option suits your business best. Pay monthly option coming soon.