Trexe is the easiest route to becoming PCI compliant. Usually PCI compliance consists of a list of steps. For an ecommerce business owner, Being PCI compliant should hold the most importance.

Analyze where you stand in accordance to PCI’s general standards and guidelines. Different transactions require different security standards and that’s why assessing your position will be the first thing to do if you want to be PCI compliant.

Filling out the SAQs. There are 9 different SAQ guidebooks available for different businesses. It can be intimidating initially but you only need one book out of the 9 which you think goes with your business genre. SAQ questionnaire needs to be answered in either yes, no or N/A.  It is important in assessing your company’s current security situation.

Data Tokenization is the next step that ensures the security of private data / credit card details. Local servers cannot compete with Data tokenization which stores information in a web based portal.

Signing the AOC or the formal attestation of compliance. This step is important because it certifies that your business is fully compliant to PCI.  A qualified Security assessor is required to review your paperwork and give a report on the same.

Filing the paperwork is the ultimate step in this procedure. Once you are sure of every detail you have mentioned you will have to file your paperwork to credit card companies and banks. They may request a copy of your AOC or SAQ.

Trexle combines all these crucial steps and makes it into one easy and straight forward protocol. As soon as you join, you will have the liberty to be PCI compliant and it is as simple as that.

Being an Ecommerce business owner involves a lot of work.  Having a PCI compliant business is one of the crucial tasks that you can rest on our shoulder. It’s not time consuming neither does it require excruciating efforts like other methods.