Integrate AbanteCart and Netpay

Trexle connects AbanteCart to Netpay and 100+ other payment gateways using a single plugin for one time annual fee

Netpay and AbanteCart Integration Guide

To integrate Netpay Gateway, you will need the following credentials: Merchant Id and API Integration Username.

You will receive these credentials by email when you open an account with Netpay, but you can also find them by logging to your

Netpay Merchant Portal.

Take the credentials you just obtained from Netpay and navigate to Trexle dashboard, click Payments Gateways and select Netpay from the drop down menu as shown below.

Fill into your Netpay credential and click Add Gateway. Click the Activate button next to Netpay, and it will give you a success message and the button will turn into green. You should see something like below.

To integrate Netpay and AbanteCart you need Trexle API keys

To install Trexle extension to your AbanteCart, go to Administrator Dashboard and click on the Extensions link in the left menu.

In the drop-down menu, click on the Get Extensions to open AbanteCart Extensions Marketplace

In the popup window, enter the credentials of your AbanteCart Marketplace account and click on the button Connect.

Find Trexle extension and click on its icon in the Marketplace. In the new window, click on the button Get Now.

Follow the checkout steps and click on the Confirm Order button.

Congratulations, Trexle extension is now successfully installed to your AbanteCart.

To ensure the integration works seamlessly, create a test product, logout from your admin session and perform a checkout as a regular customer.

  • Amex non Safekey          340353278080900             Amex Expiry date driven card
  • Amex Safekey   345678901234564             Amex Expiry date driven card
  • Laser     6771171146509164           Expiry driven card
  • Maestro               6759010012345678914    Expiry driven card (3ds registered)
  • Maestro               675938410597000022      Expiry driven card
  • Maestro               6759000968432575           Expiry driven card
  • Maestro               6759173972560846           Expiry driven card
  • Maestro int’l      5000008602179457569    Expiry driven card
  • Mastercard credit            5301250070000050           Expiry driven card
  • Mastercard credit            5454609899026213           Expiry driven card
  • Mastercard credit            5123456789012346           Expiry driven card (3ds registered)
  • Mastercard debit             5133333333333338           Expiry driven card (3ds not available)
  • Mastercard debit             5111111111111118           Expiry driven card (not 3ds registered)
  • Mastercard         2223000000000023           Expiry driven card
  • Visa        491748000000    Expiry driven card. Fails Mod 10
  • Visa Credit          4715059999000437           Expiry driven card credit
  • Visa Debit            4917480000000008           Expiry driven card
  • Visa Debit            4539791001730106           Expiry driven card (3ds registered)
  • Visa Debit            4508750015741019           Expiry driven card


Netpay Supported Countries

Netpay Supported Payment Processing Actions

✔ Purchase
✔ Authorize
✔ Capture
✔ Void
✔ Credit
✔ Recurring
✔ Card Store

Key Features

Credit Card Vault: securely store your customers sensitive credit card data using tokens.
Instant PCI-DSS Compliance: your customers credit card data never touches your site or server.
Multiple Gateway Support: Connect your AbanteCart site to 100+ payment gateway

About Trexle

Trexle is a powerful online recurring subscription billing platform that integrate Netpay and other +100 payment gateways with AbanteCart and other dozen of e-commerce platforms.

About Netpay

NetPay is an award-winning payment gateway service provider. Offering a range of face to face, online and over the phone payment services, they deliver differentiation through their market leading technology, focusing on the functionality, security and meeting a wide range of merchant needs.

About AbanteCart

AbanteCart is a free eCommerce application that is designed, built and supported by experienced enthusiasts who are passionate about their work and contributions to the project. Considering that it is not a commercial endeavor, AbanteCart is one of the most state-of-the-art free eCommerce platforms available. It operates based on donations and other contributions, marketplace proceeds and financial support from advertisers.